First off, we have plenty of parking. We share our parking lot with the East Islip Public Library so, if you’ve been there, you’ve been here. You can find the bulk of the parking spots if you pull around to the back of the building. Please feel free to park anywhere; there are no assigned spots and, I promise, no one will yell, “Who took my parking spot?” We’ve got the room.

Dress Code

We are a “come as you are” congregation. Some of our members wear suits and dresses, and some wear t-shirts and jeans. We understand that different people on Long Island have different experiences with “doing church,” and we don’t want clothing style to be an obstacle to knowing Jesus – He is our main concern.


Christ Community is a church of many different people, representing different ages and experiences. Because of that, we practice a “blended” worship format, which means that we sing music that may come from different times or styles, but gives glory to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We can sing the old hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor” as well as newer songs like “He Reigns” or “In Christ Alone” all in the same service.

Some people sing loudly, some quietly. Some people pray openly, some quietly. Some people are hand-raisers in worship, and others are not. The Apostle Paul says that, “everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.” [1 Cor. 14.40] so we try to go with that as best as we can.

Our pastor preaches forgiveness of sins and new life through the death, resurrection and reign of Jesus from both Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Messages are about 25 minutes long. Taking notes is encouraged, but not necessary (you won’t be graded).


Sometimes, the little ones are just not as excited to worship as we’d hope they would. If your child is just not up for sitting through Worship today, you may take them to the Nursery downstairs. You may go with your children or leave them in the hands of our capable volunteers. The Nursery has some snacks and a bunch of toys and books to keep kids (and parents) worry-free.

In the back of the Sanctuary there is a room with a large, soundproofed window if a child needs feeding. Please take advantage of these services – they are for your comfort here at Christ Community.

Feeding Room & Nursery

The main entrance is the white double door around the front of the building. Also there is an assistance ramp on the west side (Library side).  No winter worries: the lot, the sidewalks and the assistance ramp are all shoveled and salted. People will be there to greet you. Our greeters will gladly welcome you and give you any information you need.


Just to dispel your fears, there is no assigned seating at Christ Community! We have a large, open sanctuary for worship and there is plenty of room. If you want to sit up front or would rather stay near the back, just let the greeters know your preference.